Lend a hand to those who can't

Move This World is a non-profit emphasizing the education in empathy on a global scale. Their program prevents violence and bullying, and transforms conflict in schools and communities through creative expression. Its sequential curricular and training programs empower educators, caregivers, and youth to be ambassadors for civic engagement and peaceful action in their communities.

Founded in 2007, Move This World helps people understand, engage, express and manage their emotions healthily. With the support from the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education and the Collaborative of Academic and Social Emotional Learning, Move This World creates programs that have a solid grounding in research and are measured and evaluated through a data-driven approach.

An innovative, award-winning, evidence-based curriculum unites students, families, educators, and administrators to engage in creative movement and transform conflict, violence and bullying in communities worldwide. Each program is tailored to the needs of the community while remaining true to the universal values of empathy and expression Move This World upholds.

To date, Move This World has impacted over 150,000 students and educators with the resources and tools they provide. Through their teachings and programs, its proven success demonstrates a decrease in suspensions, incidents of conflicts, and an increase in teachers making an effort to model care and empathy.

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