Lend a hand to those who can't

Bright Future International partnered with the Oleg Mityaev Foundation to create the All For Children Association. This international alliance of teachers and educators aims to help children who find themselves in difficult situations. The Association exists as a social union of individuals who want to make a difference and is not a legal entity of the group.

The Let's Give Children All We've Got! Association uses Bright Future Studio's complex educational program and model to achieve its mission on an international level. By working with educators all over the world, children everywhere can learn the qualities of generosity, kindness, responsibility, and tolerance through the teachings of art and culture.

In January 2012, following the successful implementation of the programs in Russia, Bright Future International made this standard practice for the after-school and summer day camp programs in the United States and subsequently launched the Give Children All We've Got program in Illinois, giving children the opportunity to learn new skills and make new friends.

A collaborative partnership with local schools and community centers; particularly, Bravo Musical Theater for Children, Campanella's Children's Education Center, Bright Future Kids Center, that seeks to develop vital human qualities like self-esteem, compassion, kindness, teamwork, and the desire to help others in children.

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