Lend a hand to those who can't

In 2012, BFI partnered with Heshima Kenya and provided enrichment programs for young refugee women and children at the Heshima Kenya Safe House in Nairobi.

Heshima Kenya is the first organization in Nairobi dedicated to protecting and empowering refugee children and youth, who lost their families and have been displaced by war. Using a holistic model that is tailored to meet individualized needs, the program provides education, shelter, case management and outreach services for more than 250 girls. Heshima Kenya's program works to protect, nurture, educate, empower, and provide a foundation for economic independence with the goal of making it easy for girls to transition into independence in Nairobi, return to their country, or resettle to a third country because of family reunification or security issues. They accomplish this with the Heshima Safe House.

The Safe House is used as a transitional shelter for refugee women and children who are homeless or facing extreme security risks. It is the only program of its kind in Kenya as well as one of the strongest shelter programs for refugees. Not only is The Safe House a shelter, but it's a place where girls regain their health, trust, and routine through ongoing support and compassion from its staff and residents.

The current program at The Heshima Safe House allows its residents to engage in recreational activities, counseling, and group sessions, including classes on first aid HIV prevention, conflict prevention, and child care. Each day, girls receive nutritional meals and attend school through the Girls' Empowerment Program, Monday through Friday.

The partnership between Bright Future & Heshima Kenya aims to strengthen its resources and staff capacity to serve 40 residents at any one time, including children. In doing so, educational programs are held on Saturdays where the staff teaches topics that build leadership and confidence. All the activities created by Bright Future & Heshima emphasize the core values of respect, unity, tolerance, and leadership.

Through the BFI & Heshima Kenya partnership, girls have the opportunity to find their voices and learn to believe once again in their rights as human beings.


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