Lend a hand to those who can't

In 2011, Bright Future International launched a program with the indigenous community of the Quebrada Negra Village, in Panama’s Chiriqui province. BFI’s goal was to instill hope in the community by providing its inhabitants with essential resources, while simultaneously supporting children’s primary and secondary needs through educational programs.

Its aim was to create a program that supported a variety of initiatives within the isolated community. BFI’s staff designed a core curriculum teaching its tenets the concepts of compassion and promoting good to reach the maximum number of new participants. Bright Future International's goal was to give hope for the future of the Quebrada Negra community by supporting children in after-school enrichment programs. Activities included arts & crafts, music, dance, English and team-building games as a means of instilling positive life values.

The Quebrada Negra Village is a small village consisting of about 350 people. Families are living in extreme poverty, and most are undernourished or malnourished. Many of the village's inhabitants are unemployed or underemployed, working either seasonally or only a few days a week, therefore making monthly income inconsistent and unpredictable, which in turn leads to a shortage of food for families. To aid in solving this problem, Bright Future International provided local elementary schools with food and provided breakfast and lunch for high school students.

Bright Future International provides funding to assist the Quebrada Negra Village with education, clean water, food, and better housing.

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