Lend a hand to those who can't

CHABHA, a non-profit organization that raises funds for community-based organizations in Africa, collaborated with BFI to create programs supporting children affected by HIV/AIDS. The organization has helped more than 3,000 children in Rwanda, Burundi, Namibia and South Africa and raised more than one million dollars to support these projects.

There are 14.8 million orphans because of AIDS in Africa, most of whom do not receive the kind of help CHABHA's children do. Beyond providing school fees, health costs, and vocational education, Bright Future International and CHABHA offer activities such as home visits, gatherings, and life skills workshops while simultaneously creating a safe environment to learn about HIV prevention and other important personal matters orphans need. Because of this, community-based organizations come together as one, expanding its reach and children a sense of family and belonging.

Every week, children gather to play games, sing, dance and learn lessons on child rights, HIV protection, nutrition, health, and several other relevant topics from the leaders. In addition to weekly gatherings, the leaders of CHABHA visit homes every week to monitor the well-being of the children, their health, and the safety of each home. The leaders are considered an extension of the family and are welcomed and trusted by the heads of the household and their children.

The Life Skills Workshops offered address important topics not covered in school and take place during school holidays. Over the course of two days, teachers and CHABHA leaders cover lessons on health, sexuality, HIV prevention, nutrition, hygiene, child rights, and other important lessons not taught at home or in school.

Through CHABHA, children receive money for school fees, uniforms, and materials to further their education and better their futures. Not only that, but children under the age of 15 receive health cards so they can access clinics and medical services as needed. Vocational training for young adults is offered to those who were unable to complete secondary schooling due to the need to support their younger siblings. Hospitality, Culinary, welding, tailoring, and carpentry are just a few services young adults can partake in, which in turn creates small cooperative industries.

Together, CHABHA and Bright Future International are working to develop after school extracurricular programs for children which then provides training in the arts, agriculture, and education thus creating an environment that continues to empower and enrich their lives.


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