Lend a hand to those who can't

In 2014, Bright Future International and Brighton Ballet Theater designed the Junior Ambassadors Program to give a key group of youths including, immigrants, minorities, and those from low-income families, the opportunity to learn dance by participating in the program.

Founded in 1987, Brighton Ballet Theater is a non-profit organization located in the heart of the Russian-American Cultural District of Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, New York. Combining skills and experience with the Vaganova Method, founders Irina Roizin, Rona and Galina Rybak, created a unique program designed to nurture the development of physical and mental health in children.

Since first opening its doors in 1987, Brighton Ballet Theater has been using the Vaganova Method which teaches precision, strength, and ability and dancing with one’s entire body as well as teaching students to dance with their whole body rather than isolating body parts to be mechanical. This method of instruction is acknowledged across the globe for instilling artistic clarity through the use of the upper body, acquiring harmonious movements, widening expressive range, and developing a strong center for adagio and allegro work.

With over 400 students enrolled each year, students learn the art of dance from renowned dancers, instructors, and choreographers who have graduated from the top Russian Ballet schools and colleges. Throughout the years, Brighton Ballet Theater has witness thousands of its student’s blossom, some into professional dancers and others who have used their dance education as the creative foundation for other careers.

Each year, new classes are developed in a continual effort to create a well-rounded curriculum that gives children the best affordable dance education they can get. Each program utilizes the teachings of the Vaganova Method as a base, but other techniques used include character dance, modern and popular dance, Latin and Ballroom dance, and international folk dance. Unlike other schools in NYC, children at Brighton Ballet Theater have a unique opportunity to perform full-scale ballets with costumes and scenery.

Originally created to preserve and further the tradition of Russian classical folk dance, the theater also aims to provide an affordable and professional education in dance regardless of talent, ability or ethnic background. Brighton Ballet Theater strives to act as a cultural oasis and common ground where ethnic communities interact and study other cultures through the art of dance.

Together, Bright Future International and Brighton Ballet Theater work to mold and develop responsive, well-rounded, passionate children and ultimately give them the potential to succeed in any field.

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