Lend a hand to those who can't

Bright Future International and the Oleg Mityaev Foundation launched the Bright Future Studio in Chelyabinsk, Russia under the All For Children Association. The program was designed to give children from low-income homes, single parent families, foster homes, physical challenges, and below-standard environments a chance for successful socialization and personal growth.

Bright Future Studio's mission allows children discover and develop their talents in various fields of art and learn qualities of character including, generosity, kindness, tolerance, helpfulness, teamwork and responsibility. A complex educational program was created to fulfill the Studio's mission. The leading aspect of the program is character development which differs from other schools. Through the implementation of the complex educational program, students can prepare for a life in a free society by understanding, peace, tolerance, and friendship.

Creating a team of like-minded individuals effectively carries out the educational process and allows the Studio to accomplish its goal. Teachers of the program are carefully selected and work using either their own programs or programs that were designed to meet specific developmental needs.

The Studio's mission wouldn't be possible without constructive cooperation with the project's social partners who collectively share similar ideas and goals of the project. Educational institutions in Chelyabinsk, regional and national institutions with similar projects are the primary partners of Bright Future Studio. Typically, a social partnership agreement is signed between institutions thus making the efforts of governmental structures and project participants united in achieving a common goal.

Within the Bright Future Studio, two groups have been formed: a Vocals Group & a Performing Arts Group. Primary or Middle school children are enlisted if they match the following criteria: they are currently in a difficult situation or have talent in one or both groups. With school schedules and developmental rates in mind, groups are divided into 3 or 4 classes that take place two times a week for 45 minutes each.

The educational program at the studio is broken down into three areas that cover main topics, communicative subjects, and electives. The main themes covered include vocals and choir for the vocals group, and acting, photography and film for the Performing Arts group. Ethics and manners as well as English fall under communicative subjects and vocals, guitar, dancing, and art are elective courses.

Bright Future International & the Bright Future Studio work together in teaching humanitarianism to children, so they take an active part in helping others.

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